Editorial and ‘final polish’ Service

a-pedwar specialises in document editing, correcting typescripts and proof reading in both Welsh and English. If you have a report, document, website, circulars or correspondence which require editing/proof reading in the original language, we can undertake this work giving detailed attention to language accuracy, diction, style, tone and layout.

We also offer a copywriting service, which includes preparing a final written text from notes or a brief either for marketing purposes, the media (e.g. press releases) or for client liaison purposes (e.g. Annual Report).  We can come to your offices to collaborate on this type of project.

Another of our specialisms is a final polish service, which involves fine-tuning to make the text and language of a written piece clearer and more readable (e.g. letter, summary or Preface) with the key message hitting home.

good with words

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